Hello, World!

Yesterday felt similar to sending a child to school for the first time.  I have nurtured and protected, hoped and prayed, and strived to prepare it to meet the world.  Once just a dream and now an exciting reality.  Today, I’m officially introducing my website “DearMeErickson.com” to you.  Of course, I hope you will like it and visit here often.  I look forward to sharing our ideas, insights, concerns, successes and even mishaps related to the wonderful world of young children.

Let’s share ideas related to offering children opportunities to learn about the world they live in, and activities to engage and connect them to their environment.  Children need to taste, touch, hear, smell and see the world.

I’ll share some of my thoughts and I look forward to you sharing yours.  Meet “Me” here tomorrow for a fun fall activity.  It’s FREE!

Until next time, look around and get to know “Me”.

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