Howard and the Wompoopus, by Allison Krieger

In January 2017, an article in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette caught my attention.  The headline read Finding the wompoopus – Dad’s tales take life in daughter’s book. Allison Krieger, the book’s author, is a daughter of Howard and Karen Slinkard, and grew up in Northwest Arkansas. The article described Allison’s journey in publishing the story she and her sisters loved to hear their father tell them when they were children. I ordered her adorable book, Howard and the Wompoopus, a fun book to read that stirs the imagination. The illustrations by Laura Ballard are delightful.

In September, I contacted Allison to ask about her process in writing, publishing and promoting her book. Thank you Allison for your time and valuable insights.

Allison’s book would make a great gift and an excellent addition to your children’s literature collection. Visit her site to order. 

Recommended by Dear Me.

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