The Art of Making Memories

Recently, we made a trip to Austin, Texas to visit family which included two of our three
grandchildren. Our time together was short, but we packed as much as we could into the 40 hours (16 of those sleeping – recharging). Our activities included picking up children from school, a soccer game in the backyard, swinging, sharing pizza on the patio, a 4 year olds version of football, up the ladder and down the slide, watching the movie Ferdinand, one trip to Toys-R- Us, reading bedtime stories, cooking in the play kitchen, racing Hot Wheels cars and Tech Deck skateboards on the floor in the living room and at the same time shaping and mixing play-doh! In the midst of all that, we enjoyed a delicious brunch outdoors and made it into the city for a birthday dinner at a fine farm-to-table Austin restaurant.

After returning home to Arkansas, our son posted the following picture created by our
grandson (age 4).
A picture speaks a thousand words!
Enough said.

Until next time,
Dear Me

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