Taking a Color Walk

Spring has sprung

In my part of the world, this is a perfect time to take a color walk outdoors to discover the many shades of spring.  With younger children, enjoy a walk together pointing out the various colors and shades (light & dark) of the world surrounding them.  Here’s a no-prep activity to sharpen their concepts of colors while introducing new words to their vocabulary. This is a sensory adventure – seeing, feeling, touching and smelling.

Chart your path 

Preschool aged children will enjoy making a chart of the colors found on the color walk. How many red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, white, gray, black, and pink items they find.  Create a column (or box) for each color on a piece of paper and attach to a clipboard. When the walk is over, total each color.  Which color did you find most? Least? None? If you are taking the walk with more than one child, give each child a chart to record their findings.  Remind children to look up and down. High and low. Introduce new words and shades (light & dark) of colors, too. (Violet, periwinkle, cream, coral, gold, silver, olive, orchid, turquoise, ivory, lavender, etc.)

Photo journal your walk

Take pictures of the items found on your color walk to review later.  Print the pictures, if possible. Children can describe the adventure to others while recalling a fun color walk.


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