Planting Character and Reaping the Rewards

How often do we see someone on television give a shout out to their mother (or father)? Some hold up signs at sporting events, others mouth “Hi, Mom” into cameras or form a heart shape with their fingers and hands saying “love you, Dad”. It always makes me smile when I see this because I imagine somewhere moms and dads are grinning ear to ear and feeling loved.

I am daughter number 4 of five girls. I think I can speak for each of my sisters when I say our mother and father loved us equally and it was never-ending. I have always said my mother set the bar pretty high for me as a mother not to mention as a grandmother. And, even though my father was quiet about his feelings with words, his actions were resounding!

In the children’s picture book, “You’re All My Favorites” by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram, the three little cubs are told by the Daddy and Mommy bears they are the best. The cubs begin to worry how they can all be the favorite cub. The Mommy and Daddy bears share how each cub is special and loved “just the same”.

Take a moment today. Talk with your mom. Talk with your dad. Some of us may only be able to take a trip down memory lane. Are there special people in your life who have been like a mother or a father? Maybe over the years there have been several people filling those roles.

Tell a child about this mother or this father. Share with them the qualities you feel make them so special. Talk about all kinds of traits (add to vocabulary).

Furthermore, model desirable traits. Read books and talk about the traits of the characters. Ask questions. Listen. Planting some “character” seeds in a child today, and cultivating regularly, give hope for one day reaping the rewards.


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