About “Me”

SCBWI Member-badgesSusan Erickson – Author

Susan is an aspiring children’s book author living in Northwest Arkansas.  Her love of children’s picture books began while raising her three children. Her collection of children’s books continued and escalated during her years as a preschool director and teacher.  She enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren, riding bikes with her husband and reading topics regarding early childhood development and education.
Susan holds a Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) through the National Council for Professional Recognition (www.cdacouncil.org) and continues to be an advocate for all children.

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Who is “Me”?

When I got the news I was going to be a grandmother, people started asking what I wanted my grandchildren to call me.  I selected a name, but our first grandchild had another idea. When we were together before he could talk, I would ask him, “Do you want me to help you” (stack blocks, get a toy, open something)?  When he started talking, he referred to himself as “You” and myself as “Me”.  I loved it!  He would say, “Me, hold You” (meaning he wanted me to hold him).  Thus, the name “Me”.   A bit confusing for some maybe, but now the whole family refers to me as “Me”.  And now, you see why you can write to “Dear Me”.

Feel free to contact Susan regarding her works-in-progress or possible visits. https://www.scbwi.org/speakers/susan-erickson

She also likes to hear about your child-rearing adventures.  Success stories or mishaps, everyone has them and everyone can relate. “Me” invites you to share fun, humorous, memorable, heartwarming and inspirational stories starring your child.